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Nauseating Bridge Quotes: Eric Rodwell

ERIC RODWELL: (cross-referenced to Robert Lebi and Allan Stauber)

Rodwell: (commenting to his client partner about Stauber, an opponent): Watch out! This guy is the farthest out there of all of them!

Rodwell: Are you playing Stauber Weak Two’s, as usual? (Some think they are sometimes on the weak side of weak.)

Stauber: I don’t want to, but my partner makes me do it!

Rodwell and I were discussing some bidding situation. He was playing as one half of the Meckwell Brothers Act in the event. He apparently thought my choice was on the aggressive side.

Stauber: Well, we can’t all be Roth-Stoners (“like you guys” was implied)!

For those not familiar with Roth-Stone, it required about 100 HCP’s to open the bidding in 1st or 2nd position. Apparently, Al Roth must have thought he didn’t declare the hands very well. Therefore, he didn’t want to get to any challenging contracts!

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