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Nauseating Bridge Quotes: Pete Relson

PETE RELSON: (cross-referenced to Allan Stauber)

Relson is an excellent player, probably better than many top seeds (usually designated by #3) in sections of National events, but he has seldom played in them. This was one of our more interesting auctions:

East (Stauber) South West (Relson) North
1 Pass 2NT (Jacoby) Pass
4 (void) Pass Pass (!!!) Pass

The lead was made, and Stauber was checking to see if he was the declarer and what was going on! Suddenly:

Relson: I’m sorry, I thought you were just making a fast arrival minimum bid. I forgot which major you opened!

P.S.: Despite my best efforts, we didn’t get any matchpoints for this result.

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