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Extreme Bridge #6: Part 2

Part 2

(Click this link to read Part 1)

OK, that was lots of fun, right? I’ve collected comments from various places, but that was the practice round! I think practice should be tougher than the “real world”. Therefore, when it counts, you’ll really “Be all that you can be!” 🙂 (BTW, if you have more comments regarding Part 1, please send them.)

Anyway, I psyched regarding what South held in the spade suit. The actual holding was AJT43. You can believe me this time because later I will tell you about a bridge journalist who reported the deal, and we all know that journalists always tell the truth!

Sooo — this should be EZ. I’ve made some minor changes to Part 1, but the play is the same, and merely the SQ is missing. Go to it!

I’LL BE BACK again with a summary of the comments, some of mine, and what happened when the deal was played.

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