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Nauseating Bridge Quotes: Dennis Caro

DENNIS CARO: (cross-referenced to Warren Rosner and Allan Stauber)

Warren Rosner and I had journeyed down to NYC to play in a National Men’s Pairs, our first national event. Somehow, we had bumbled our way into first place after the first day. This was a conversation regarding one of the hands:

Caro (to Stauber): What did you do on board (something or other)?

Stauber: I was in 1N, making 4.

Caro: FOUR? I made 3 and thought I did very well. I actually got a real good score. How did you ever make FOUR?

Stauber: What direction were you?

Caro: North-South, of course!

Stauber: That explains it. We were East-West!!!

I couldn’t help it if everyone else wanted to play it N-S. Incidentally, Rosner and I got our act together after that, “achieving” 5th after the 1st final session, and lower still after the last session.

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