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Nauseating Bridge Quotes: Paul Sidikman

PAUL (JERSEY PAUL) SIDIKMAN: (cross-referenced to Anonymous and Allan Stauber; also the whole state of New Jersey, but it is far too smelly to include even in this malodorous document)

My partner (this hand was played back in my college days and I think he was Jersey Paul Sidikman, but I’m not positive), played 3N after I had responded 2 to his one level opening in another suit. My anonymous RHO led the 2 (attitude, I think). Partner called for the 4 from my AKT84. Anonymous LHO played the 3, and my partner discarded! Then the yelling started!


Anonymous LHO: I thought I was supposed to give count! (I think he had 9 third).

This probably is the record for the lowest card in dummy ever to win trick one in a NT contract in which: declarer showed out, there were no revokes, the hand wasn’t rigged, no one pulled the wrong card, etc. As I recall, another oddity is that for some reason it didn’t matter! My partner would have taken the same number of tricks even if my LHO had covered the 3! Unfortunately, I didn’t record the actual hand.

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