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Nauseating Bridge Quotes: Arleen Lehman

ARLEEN LEHMAN: (cross-referenced to Allan Stauber)


N (Stauber) E S W (Lehman)
2 Pass 4 *


*: The bidding is up to 4 and I haven’t even finished counting my points!

She only had 29 HCP’s!!

Incidentally, that session was quite a momentous occasion for several reasons. One was that I was feeling out of sorts, and/or suits(**). Anyway, I only preempted three times. (OK, I’m not sure. Maybe I suppressed some of the others. I didn’t realize at the time that this would be part of a trivia question years later.) What was the total number of cards that my partner had in support? A mere 17 — two 6’s and a 5!!! With those kinds of trump holdings, I’m bound to have too many losers in the suit. I’ll just have to find better partners!

** Probably more indicative of my normal “health” was the time I preempted 9 times out of the first 11 hands!

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