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Nauseating Bridge Quotes: Mark Itabashi

MARK ITABASHI: (cross-referenced to Allan Stauber and Anonymous)

EW Vul. MP’s. N dealer.


N (Itabashi) East S (Stauber) West
1 1 1 2
X (3 ) 3 4 Float


Itabashi had J87 KJ54 943 AK4. 4 made. The commentary after the hand:

Anonymous opponent: I thought we might beat it on our values.

Stauber (with his 5-1-1-6 and 6 HCP’s): I don’t believe in values; I only play the Tricky Dick Nixon method!

(A bunch of even more unsolicited junk from me: Not that the tricks or policies of most other Presidents were necessarily any better. A lot were even worse, sometimes far worse. But I think he may have been the leader of the leaders, or close to it, in one category: Most Psycho Pres! I guess all of the dirty tricks of JFK, JFK’s ultra crooked old man, the Chicago mob, LBJ, etc. were too much for poor Dick. Incidentally, I believe that election was the first time that computers predicted results based on voting precinct analyses, voter interviews, etc. The early predictions based on the “raw” returns, etc. apparently had Dick as a 6-1 favorite to win. Hmmm …

Among many questions of great historical interest is, “Why weren’t any of these greatly ad-mired psychers and falsecarders in the ACBL?”)

Itabashi (in a discussion with a bunch of bridge nuts): It’s amazing. Many of the opponents think Stauber is a banker or something. They have no idea what they are in for!

(P.S.: In light of recent events, many people may have forgotten that bankers were once Roth-Stone advocates.)


cam frenchJanuary 26th, 2011 at 4:31 am

I recall early on many moons ago asking (for clarification purposes) a new partner if he played Fishbein.

He said even Fishbein doesn’t play Fishbein!

Roth Stone was a wonderful system for its time. I suspect that the agressiveness with openings, preempts and destructive interference have forced players to adapt and thus the more serene game (and perforce systems) of yesteryear are nearing the end of the line.

Even the “bankers” moved on. Try to imagine a group less included to change.


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